What Can I Do With Old Sports Equipment?


Sports equipment are treasured materials that could make some persons happy, whether they are old or new ones especially, the children as they are means of recreation, fun, and entertainment. Some of the equipment used in sporting activities are the tennis, jump ropes, Frisbees, Wiffle balls, baseball, protective gear, basketball, mitts, ball pumps, football, table tennis, bats, and others. They could be recycled, donated to the less privileged kids, or sold to make money and purchase new ones. The reason is simply after some time, these materials get old and worn out, and you need to replace them with new ones. Now, do you think it is better to take your old equipment to a dumpsite or landfill and trash them there? No, really you need to send out or ship these materials to people or places where they could be valued and reused. You could save yourself some cash if you use a cost-effective waste collection service as they will help you recycle the equipment with ease.

Let us look at some of the ways you could reuse or recycle old sports equipment instead of causing harm to other people and the environment.

  • Offer and donate your old sports equipment to the less privileged children

The old sports equipment could be very useful to the less privileged children. You can donate or offer them the privilege to enjoy fun, recreation, and bliss by sending these old materials to them. It will help them to be occupied with meaningful and noble sports career trends, trainings, and inclinations other than getting occupied or learning bad habits and other criminal tendencies that will endanger their lives in the future. Instead of sending these items for waste disposal you will help the people in need.

  • Recycle or repurpose your old sports equipment

One of the ways you can make a good use of your old sports equipment is by recycling. You can send your old sports equipment to recycling centres where they could be recycled into other useful materials. There are waste disposal and recycling centres for tennis balls, gear, helmets for bike and other helmets. The uniforms could be taken to centres where textiles are recycled.

  • You could sell the old sports equipment to interested persons and organisations

Do you know there are some organisations that resell used sports items?  There are organisations that can accept your old sports materials if you want to sell them. Organisations such as Craigslist, Freecycle, and others could accept your old equipment for a fee. There are other resale shops like ‘Play it again sports’ where you can sell them and make good money there instead of wasting the money and treasure in a refuse dump. You should remember that some of these sports equipment are very expensive and not to be trashed at all. Keep in mind that you can make some money when organising your rubbish clearance.

  • Teens club are in need of old sports equipment

Your old sports equipment could be reused by sending them to teens’ club or associations where they could be valued for sure. There is a teens’ club that will value and enjoy using your old sports equipment if you ship them over there. It was founded by a group of teens and located at Westchester New York in the United States of America. This club is called ‘Let’s play it forward’.  Note that rubbish disposal is not an easy task and you need to comply with the law when dealing with waste.