The power of sport in your life


Sports are proved to improve concentration. 5 times a week for 30 minutes is proved to provide noticeable results. It also boosts mental agility and  makes you more alert.



Playing a sport, taking a walk in a soothing environment or producing some sweat in a heavy physical activity can give a burst of joy that boosts your morale and increases the positivity in you.



There are various types of stress, some of them being, eustress, hyperstress, distress and hyperstress. Hyperstress is dangerous and can invite incurable disorders like high blood pressure, blood sugar etc. Hypostress is even worse, it hurts more as compared to the hyperstress. Playing a healthy physical sport can reduce all the types of stress and can make life healthier.



Depression is a dangerous psychological pitfall where the wind of negativity blows off all the spark of hope. Depression is not restricted to any specific age group. It can effect teens as well as their parents. Any kind of heavy physical activity in the morning could easily reduce the risk of depression by leaps and bounds.



Today’s world feeds on junk food and trans fat. Cardiac problems have become common place. Kids are either too skinny or overweight or even worse obese. This unhealthy weight could lead to chronic problems. Any physical sport played well enough not only regulates the bodily functions properly but also helps maintain healthy weight and stay fit.



Having regular exercise is proven to boost confidence and increase productivity. Self confidence is a must to become successful in life and it is fueled by  a healthy sport.



Sleeping because of tired or sleeping because of laziness are two very different things. Sports and gym burn enough calories to make sure the sleeps are sound and healthy.