How to choose the best sport for you in college?

There are various factors on which one can decide which sport fits best the individual in the college.



1) Trust:

Trust and teamworking ability determines if you should take a group sport or singles.

2) Endurance:

There are many sports that demand endurance from the player like football, boxing, wrestling etc.


3) Focus:

Some games are not of body but mainly of mind. Focus, strategic thinking, stress handling are one of the prime requirements of those games. Make sure you are able to handle the pressure.


4) Co-ordination:

Coordinations with the team and an equilibrim within self is sometimes very crucial for many sports. This sounds simple but is not that easy.


5) Comunication:

Introvert or Extrovert? This is an important question to ask while choosing a sport. Ignoring the question might make a weak link of the team.


6) Aggresiveness:

In some sports aggression just backfires and takes the game out of the player’s hands whereas in some sports this tool comes in handy all the time. Test you  patience barrier before choosing any sport.


7) Support:

Find out how much the faculty of college ad management supports the sport. So that you could get a little bit cushion in the academic area.


8) Time frame:

Know, how much time are you able to give to the sport taking into account the academic responsibility.


9) Expertise:

Consider those sports which you already excel at or know a little bit. This will save your time of starting from scratch.


10) Infrastrucure:

See which sport the college’s infrastructure supports the best and make a decison accordingly. This will also help you grow better in the sport because of better training and facilities.


11) Scope and Exposure:

Knowing the scope and exposure provided by the sport beforehand will help you in the long run.