10 Unique Ideas For Your College Organization

  1. Recycle:

This fund raising is one of the most green and Eco-friendly idea. It takes the useless stuff and helps raise funds from them. Recycling requires a bit of a set up to function efficiently but with the help of volunteers, this activity could be a huge fund raiser.

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  1. Content Reach:

The success of any activity depends upon the public associated with it. With the increasing popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, the platform could be used for promoting the event and creating awareness amongst  people. This is literally, the best way to get the word out in the open.


  1. Make it funny:

                   Humor gets more attention as compared to tragedy. The trend of entertainment has clearly shown that a bit of comic elements mixed with a few surprise delights tend to increase the popularity of the event exponentially.


  1. Fashion Show, Talent Show:

                   These events are the guaranteed to be successful. Fashion show and talent show will require less promotion because these event’s participations are easily available and audience is also ready to pay.


  1. Fund raisers:

                            Fund raising events are the best. They are the events that help raise money for the bigger events or any other noble social cause. They could be as simple as any stall game or just a simple show, and if you have money enough a mini-event.


  1. Crowdfunding:

Well, nowadays everything is online, then why not funding? Crowdfunding websites are these great concepts that allow you to raise money from the public online. It is very efficient as it’s hassle free and requires little or no platform to invest on. On the other hand, the returns are pretty impressive.


  1. Marketing:

“Skills are cheap but passion is priceless.” So your passion to market your skills will be much more effective than anything else. The profit gained is just one more needle in the haystack.


  1. Sell Used stuff:

Reusing the reusable is contributing to our environment. It not only ensures the resources are fully utilized but also checks the excess and unwanted pile of waste. Selling used stuff is full green profit.


  1. Custom Shirts:

Custom shirts is one of the coolest ideas. They serve multiple purposes. Selling them could easily make profit. People buy them a lot. It creates a brand image. Regular people are now paying you to promote your event.


  1. Bake Sale:

                   Cupcakes and Cookies are one of the easiest to make and handy to sell products. Having a bake sale where people donate their cooked delicacies is going to work out very well.